About MiDoctor Urgent Care


We aim to innovate patient care. With over 20 years of experience as physicians and healthcare providers, we strive to provide excellent care using state of the art technology. All of our physicians and healthcare providers are board-certified.

Medical Care

We bring effective care and comprehensive medical care to patients who need emergent evaluation by using the latest technology.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technology to diagnose your illness or direct you to the emergency room or specialist when we can’t.


We don’t require an appointment but if you prefer one, we can accommodate your needs to the best of ours.

Innovative Mindset

We don’t want to follow what other clinics are doing. Instead, we want to move to a new era where the patient is most important.

We Are Here

We are here to meet your needs when your primary care physicians are not available. Open late 7 days per week to provide the best care possible.

Problem Solving

When you walk into our clinic, we are confident that we will solve any problem that you throw at us.

Injuries & Illnesses

Feeling under the weather? Let us help you get it together and make you feel better!

Work-Related Injuries

Injured at work? Let’s get you better so you can get back to work sooner!

In-House Labs

In-House labs done here like Urinalysis, Rapid Flu, and Rapid HIV.


Pre-employment, urine drug test, and pre-surgical clearance all done here!


Scraped knee? Fever and cough? We’ll make sure your kids are taken care of!


We can get your stitched, bonded, and/or bandaged so you’re back out there in minutes!

Vaccines & Immunizations

Protect yourself from Flu, Pneumonia, Tetanus, Hepatitis, and Meningitus! We also provide routine travel vaccines!

In-House X-Ray

State of the art equipment available almost around the clock so you can avoid a long wait!

HIV/STD/Sexual Health

Rapid HIV and STD panel done on site, so you can know and/or treat sooner.