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We aim to innovate patient care. With over 20 years of experience as physicians and healthcare providers, we strive to provide excellent care using state of the art technology. All of our physicians and healthcare providers are board-certified.

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Medical Care

We bring effective care and comprehensive medical care to patients who need emergent evaluation by using the latest technology.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technology to diagnose your illness or direct you to the emergency room or specialist when we can’t.


We don’t require an appointment but if you prefer one, we are happy to accommodate your availability with the best of ours.

Innovative Mindset

We don’t want to follow what other clinics are doing. Instead, we want to move to a new era where the patient is most important.

We Are Here

We are here to meet your needs when your primary care physicians are not available. Open late 7 days per week to provide the best care possible.

Problem Solving

When you walk into our clinic, we are confident that we will solve any problem that you throw at us.

NYC’s 5-Star Urgent Care


See What People Are Saying About MiDoctor: 

cannot recommend MiDoctor highly enough. It helps that I live very close-by, but I think the quality of care would recommend this urgent care center even if it were further away.

I caught a nasty flu from my family right around Christmas, and found myself on my own back in New York as I struggled with the worst of it. When my fever got really bad and I started feeling woozy, I popped a tylenol and headed over. I was seen within just a few minutes of arriving, and got tested for both strep throat (negative) and influenza (positive). I got a prescription for tamiflu and a talk about what to look out for that would lead me to come back, then sent on my merry/miserable way. The whole encounter was very professional, and they sent me out with lots of info about the flu and what I had to look forward to.

In subsequent days, I called them several times to get clarification and check in, and then went in for a followup appointment. They offer free followups within two days, so I went in and got myself checked out again, just to be safe. Again, very professional and I didn’t ever schedule an appointment.


Really nice and professional staff. Would definitely recommend to others. Some people here complain about they having issues with insurance – not sure how that works in the US. We used our travel insurance, which was accepted here with no issue.


The best medical experience I’ve had in NYC! The front staff was extremely friendly and welcoming the moment I walked in. The place looks more like a spa than a medical office! I received great care and I never felt rushed. Highly recommend!


Every member of the staff has been wonderful from the front desk to the doctor and medical assistant.  The office itself is beautifully done and extremely clean.  The waiting room was spacious and had tons of seating.

I walked in and was seen immediately after checking in.  The medical assistant was extremely friendly and engaging.  She explained everything she was doing to keep me at ease.

The doctor was extremely friendly and actively listened to what I wanted.  I did not feel rushed one bit which is nice because I have visited an urgent care before and I was in and out so quickly and left in pain exactly as I was before with no explanation for why.

I definitely recommend this office for anyone in need of health services and wonderful patient services.  Often time urgent care centers lack the warmth one would get at there PCP office but in this case it was quite the opposite.  Will be visiting again next time I have any issues and I can’t get to my regular doctor.


This clinic a great addition to the neighborhood. Great doctors and providers. Staff are willing to go out of the way to help you. Front desk staff are fantastic, help you with billing insurance and copays. Insurance in general is a scam especially United. They never pay doctors or hospitals. It’s just better to pay up front in cash so you don’t get bills.  Also having huge deductible will not cover Urgent or doctor’s visit  anyways until you meet deductible. Waiting 2-3 months for an appointment with primary is just useless. Going to MiDoctor is the best thing. You can walk in anytime. Pay a reasonable small upfront free and get taken care of. They will treat you like family. Even the spas don’t look like MiDoc. And the coffee is better than Starbucks 🙂

They have soothing Chamomile tea. Pharmacy is right next door….it’s the best Urgent Care for locals, visitors and international travelers.  Sign me up for another visit!


I came here for the first time a few days ago, and all I can say is it was an amazing experience the entire time (despite how much pain I was in). The person at the front desk was very polite and funny, he was able to take my mind off the pain. I waited for about 15 minutes and then I was taken to a room where the doctor was promptly available to diagnose me.

I have had some not so pleasant experiences with quick cares, and I understand that it’s usually because they’re extremely busy. However with MiDoctor, they were exceptionally polite and sweet no matter how packed they were.

I will never go to another quick care again! Thanks guys!


This place is great. I usually dread urgent care, but have gone when something happens on a weekend. MiDoctor is different: the staff is friendly and efficient, the atmosphere is inviting, and the doctor was smart and friendly. They are really welcoming of all communities, and I never felt warehoused. A great addition to Hell’s Kitchen.


Very nice clinic and excellent service. I usually dread Urgent Care but this one is amazing and a treat to visit. It was my first time and with the paper work and everything, I was seen in 10 minutes. Doctor and staff were very inviting and friendly. I strongly recommend it to everyone, Thank you MiDoctor.


Traveling to NY and experiencing UTI symptoms, I scheduled an appointment on line. I arrived 30 minutes early and they took me straight back for an evaluation. I knew I had a UTI. I just needed to confirmation with a quick urine test. The doctor thoroughly examined me. He checked my kidneys and did an abdominal exam as well. The nurse who did my work up was so sweet and got on to me for waiting so long to have it checked out. She truly seemed to care. My test was positive for an infection. They called in my prescription to the pharmacy next door and I was on my way within an hour – exam, meds and all. If I ever have a medical issue while traveling in NY again, MiDoctor will be my first choice! I appreciate their professional and convenient care.


This facility was so clean and everyone was extremely kind and professional! Dr. Andrew was super knowledgeable and personable. I would definitely return to this location!


I’m so glad they opened up in our neighborhood! The staff and providers are professional, compassionate and knowledgeable! They take their time and make you feel welcome. Thank you!


Fast, kind and super helpful. Fantastic staff and definitely clean.


Dr. Zhang and the staff were amazing. I had to get some last minute testing in a really rushed time frame, and they took me ASAP and did everything they could to get my results on time. Every single person went above and beyond. Thank you so much to all of you!

Edit, because I read some others mention cost/payment issues, I want to say that this was not an issue for me. When I called MiDoctor, before even coming in for an appointment, the front desk staff worked hard to account for every single thing that I would need to tell me my cost up front. I payed exactly what I expected to after the visit. Everything was seamless.


Clean, beautiful, hospitality! Great location, people, and service! All around an amazing new addition to Midtown and convenient to go to before work with the early hours!


Very clean & comfortable and quick. The waiting area is like a 5-star hotel lobby. The staff were very helpful and nice. The Doctor was very professional, answered all the questions I had- he was very patient and sufficient. I highly recommend this place.


Phenomenal experience! The staff was incredibly welcoming and respectful! I was in and out super fast.


I was visiting NYC this past weekend and had an allergic reaction. We went to this clinic and I was blown away by the experience. Fast, efficient, great facility and, most importantly, excellent medical service by the nurse and doctor. Highly recommend this facility.


Cannot say enough good things about this clinic. My husband had been here once or twice before, and when I came down with a bad sinus cold, I went in last night for a visit and could not have been happier. From the promptly warm greeting at the front desk, to the immaculately nice and welcoming facilities, to the kindest and best care from the nurse and physician… I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a walk-in clinic. Such a nice place and so efficient, too. Thank you MiDoctor team for such great care!!


Friendly staff. Clean facility. Great location to where we were staying as we were out-of-towners. My friend was in severe pain and they got her back to be seen quickly. Offered me water and the TV while I waited. Would recommend MiDoctor Urgent Care Clinic.


I’ve never felt so safe and in good hands before at a doctors office — the entire team (front desk to doctor) are kind, personable, funny, and problem solvers. They went out of their way to solve all my problems — and the office is very clean and comfortable. Thank you!!