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MiDoctor Urgent Care

MiDoctor Urgen​t Care

Corporate Covid-19 Solutions and Strategies

MiDoctor Urgent care is strategically located in midtown Manhattan and very close to your

office. MiDoctor has been at the forefront of Covid -19 pandemic, diagnosing and treating

thousands of patients in Manhattan. MiDoctor is founded and run by two NYC Emergency Room

physicians who work in local hospitals and are now providing public and corporate health

solutions during this Covid-19 pandemic. We have already partnered with some of the

businesses, corporations and media companies in Manhattan to provide Covid-19 and other related services.

Corporate Covid-19 Solutions and Strategies

We offer the following corporate services:

1. In house Rapid testing for Covid SARS Cov Virus – Executives and employees come to our clinic and we reserve space, time slots and kits. We are now providing Rapid Abbott ID molecular Test or Rapid Antigen Test using BD Veritor or Sofia Quidel Kits

2. On site Rapid testing – We send a team to your office to do FDA authorized Abbott ID Now Molecular Testing or Sofia Quidel or BD Veritor Rapid Antigen Testing of your employees and we give results in minutes

3. Diagnosing and providing treatment guidance and protocols for Covid -19 within the safety and convenience of your office or home of the employee. You will be able to get answers to your medical questions. You can also have follow-up visits and receive second opinions and expert consultations regarding travel, quarantine, contact tracing and containing Covid-19 and ensuring safe return of employees, among other services.

4. Video or Telehealth visits for your employees, Covid-19 and non-covid-19 related health issues

5. Covid-19 and Flu vaccinations – On your site or at our clinic – We will send a team to vaccinate all the employees. You will be able to reserve certain number of Flu vaccinations ahead of time. All patients must meet NYC DOH eligibility for Covid Vaccinations and will be vaccinated per DOH guidelines only.

All Covid vaccines are provided free of charge by DOH and available based on supply. Currently Covid vaccines are administered in our clinic only due to limited supply. 

6. Covid-19 and other public health strategies in opening your office, preparedness and continuing on-going expertise and support throughout the pandemic provided by Clinical and Public Health experts who are at the forefront of this pandemic. 

7. Bulk discounts for Testing  

We want you and your employees to feel confident about returning to office and work in a safe environment.

We have expanded safety measures and corporate strategies, and, in many respects your employee experience at MiDoctor will be more comfortable, modern, and efficient than ever before.

We made a number of changes to protect your employees and our care teams for in office experience at MiDoctor Urgent Care in midtown Manhattan. For example:

Checking in Before You Arrive: We will have a streamlined check-in process. Before you arrive, forms and co-pays can be processed remotely or through our business account representative. Where possible, your employees will skip the front desk, avoid unnecessary time in the waiting room and proceed directly to the exam rooms. We also have quick sign-in kiosks at our clinic.

• Screening at Welcome Stations: Upon arrival, your employees will be provided with a mask. All your employees will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and will get Rapid Covid Test and result will be printed and given so they can bring it to HR or the manager.

• Staff and Patient Protection: Our clinical care teams follow CDC guidelines; have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and wear it at all times. We have also established screening and testing protocols for our care teams.

• Disinfection and Cleaning: Our locations are repeatedly and thoroughly sanitized throughout each day. Exam rooms are cleaned extensively between patient visits.

• Our lobby and exam rooms are spacious to allow for social distancing

• Our clinical teams are led by Board-certified providers and provide professional care with compassion

We are focused on delivering best Covid-19 prevention and treatment strategies at the highest safety standards and best care practices. We remain dedicated to serving our business partners, patients and communities. For further information and setting up account, please contact us at [email protected]

Lijo Mathai, PA-C    Corporate Clin​ical Specialist​

Corporate  Testing Team with Minna George, PA-C