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MiDoctor Urgent Care

MiDoctor Urgent Care

A Statcare Affiliate

Corona Virus Testing


MiDoctor is at the forefront of COVID Pandemic in NYC 

Rapid Covid Test now available

Covid Antibody Testing


3 Steps to COVID

Antibody or Virus Swab Test or Rapid Test

  1. Online Registration and Forms
  2. Come to the Clinic for Blood Draw or Swab
  3. Discuss Results With a Provider Via Telehealth 

Corona virus Rapid Test

Cost - $100

What Is A Corona virus Rapid Test?

SARS-Cov-2 or Corona virus Rapid test checks for presence of  coronavirus and is done in the office.

The Sofia SARS Antigen Fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA) uses advanced immunofluorescence-based lateral flow technology in a sandwich design for qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein from SARS-CoV-2. The Sofia SARS Antigen FIA, with the Sofia 2 and Sofia analyzers, provides automated and objective results in 15 minutes, allowing for testing of patients suspected of COVID.

Rapid Test is not covered by your insurance. Cost of Rapid test kit and testing is $100. Your insurance does not cover Rapid Test. Clinic will charge you copay for office visit in addition to the $100 for rapid Test. You can choose NOT to get Rapid test. Instead you can ask for Covid Virus PCR Test and Antibody test, both of which are covered by your insurance and it may take 2-5 days for the results. We provide  Rapid Antigen Test test for convenience and for last minute emergencies like visiting families. 

MiDoctor uses Sofia Quidel Rapid Analyser and BD Veritor automated machines for rapid tests and you will get the results in 15 minutes.

                                                                  Corona Virus PCR Test

                                                                             What is Corona Virus PCR Test?

                        Quest Diagnostics and Sunrise labs has released a multiplex laboratory test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of COVID-19.

The assay is available under an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. The assay is using a standard nasopharyngeal specimen from which Quest extracts viral RNA and then tests for the presence of key genes that can be used to identify its presence.

The Quest and Sunrise SARS-CoV-2 test is a multiplex assay that targets three key genes — ORF1ab, N,

and E, that scientists believe are key to accurately identifying the presence of the virus

in patient samples. Turn around time is 2-5 days. We recommend this for acute diagnosis of Covid-19. You can use this for Airline requirement, Travel or Surgery or if PCR test is required for any other reasons.

We also offer NewPath Diagnostics Diagnostics PCR test as well. 

Both Quest and Sunrise PCR tests are covered by your insurance and you will have to pay only copay for your office visit.

Corona virus Antibody Test

What Is A Corona virus Antibody Test?

SARS-Cov-2 AB test or Corona virus antibody test checks for presence of antibodies to coronavirus in the blood.

Antibody test is very different from molecular Corona Virus test, which is done with a nasal swab, and is checks for presence of the covid-19 virus itself. Antibodies are produced by immune system after the minimum 7- 14 days after infection and remain positive long after the infection. Your insurance covers this test. You are required to pay copay for the office visit.

This is why antibody test can be used to detect a past infection with coronavirus. Your blood sample will be sent Quest lab or Acutis Lab. This test is covered by your insurance. You will have to pay only copay for your office visit.

Which Antibodies Will Be Tested?

We utilize FDA approved Quest’s ELISA assay for Covid-19 Virus (SARS-Cov-2) IgG antibodies. IgG turns positive within 7-20 days of infection and tends to persist for over 6months (likely years).

IgM turns positive within 7-20 days of infection onset, peaks @ 80 days and fades away within 6 months.

IgA from limited data available we assume it should follow the same course as IgM.

Who Can Get Covid19 Antibody Test?

Midoctor is offering antibody test to asymptomatic (not exhibiting any signs or symptoms of active infection) patients only or patients who previously tested positive for Covid-19 more than 2 weeks ago and have recovered completely.

If you have mild cough or runny nose or still recovering - we recommend you wait until you recover completely in order to test. You can request a COVID Virus PCR RNA test.

If you need repeat testing please speak with one of the MiDoctor provider for recommendations.

For above mentioned reasons all patients will need to consult a MiDoctor provider in person or on Televisit before they can be considered for covid-19 antibody tests.

Also, if you are already in our office for completely different reasons, we can offer you to get this test done on-the-spot.

How is Covid19 Antibody Test Done?

We do Blood test to check for Covid IgG Antibodies.

Prior to your blood draw you need a consultation with our provider.

Doctor will make sure you are asymptomatic at the time of the blood draw.

Doctor will also document the timing of nature of your past symptoms if any.

Last but not least, doctor will counsel you on limitation of the test and interpretation of results.

How Long Do Results Take?

Expected turnaround time today is 2 business days.

 Please check your result on the portal via Healow App.

Please do NOT call the clinic for results. We will set up Telehealth visit in 7 days to discuss your result. Please make your Telehealth appointment at the front desk before leaving the clinic. 

What Will the Result Look Like?

Positive – you have Covid antibodies

Negative – You have no Covid antibodies

Equivocal – You may need a repeat test in a week

Does Positive Test Mean Immunity?

The answer is NO! Please discuss your results with your provider during your Telehealth visit in 7 days.