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MiDoctor Urgent Care

MiDoctor Urgen​t Care

Become a Member

If you do not have health insurance, consider getting membership at MiDoctor. Affordable for your Urgent Care needs



Why Become A Member?

Our plans include a variety of benefits to serve your needs. If you have no health insurance or high co-pay/high deductible with your current insurance plan, membership offers a certain number of clinic visit and video visits at a highly discounted rate. Membership benefits also include:

Priority Intake

Skip the wait and be seen right away.

Discounted X-Rays

Our State of the Art In-House X-Ray Equipment means you can get your imaging included in your membership.

In-House Labs at No Extra Cost

Save money on labs done on the premises.

Discounted Meds/Vaccines

Rate changes and terms may apply.

Discounted Sent-Out Labs

Save when visiting Quest Diagnostics.

TeleHealth Visits

Attend your visit from the comfort of your home via video, provided by Telecom.

Choose A Plan

See the below options. Plans are offered on a monthly basis and renew automatically on an annual basis.

All major credit cards accepted.

Most Popular

Our Basic Plan



  • One-Year Commitment
  • Four (4) Clinic Visits Per Year
  • Two (2) Telecom Visits
  • One (1) Set X-Rays
  • Discounted Meds
  • Discounted Vaccines
  • Discounted IV Infusions
  • Priority Intake


Most Value

*Bonus! Text Message Access To Provider



  • One-Year Commitment
  • Six (6) Clinic Visits Per Year
  • Four (4) Telecom Visits
  • Two (2) Sets X-Rays
  • Discounted Meds
  • Discounted Vaccines
  • Discounted IV Infusions
  • Text Message Access to Provider


Have It All

*Gold Plan + Unlimited Visits



  • One-Year Commitment
  • Unlimited Visits
  • One (1) Free Physical Exam
  • Two (2) Sets X-Rays
  • Free Blood Work (*Inquire)
  • Discounted Meds
  • Discounted Vaccines
  • Discounted IV Infusions


Membership FAQs

Why should I get a MiDoctor Urgent Care membership?

If you have no health insurance or high co-pay/high deductible with your current insurance plan, your membership gives you a certain number of clinic visit and video visits at a highly discounted rate. You will also receive a discounted rate on blood tests, IV infusion, medication, travel vaccine, x-rays, etc.

Flexible Spending Accounts Welcome!

What does a visit cover?

One (1) visit covers review of medical history, physical evaluation, all in-house labs (urine test, pregnancy test, rapid strep, rapid flu test).

What if I need an additional service or test?

You will get additional blood tests, X-ray, and/or EKG at a discounted rate. We will refer you to a specialist(s) and/or radiology center if you need more service and tests.

Do I have to tell my insurance company?

You are not required to inform your insurance company. However, we will provide you with a visit summary and invoice if you want to submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Is there a registration fee?

No. There is no registration fee.

Is there a late fee?

There is no late fee because membership fee will be deducted from your credit card automatically every month.

Is there a renewal fee?

No, there’s no renewal fee.

Is there a discount if I pay the full year upfront?

Unfortunately, we do not offer additional discount on membership dues paid upfront. If you pay the annual membership upfront, you will receive a special gift from us.

May I transfer my membership?

You cannot transfer your membership to someone else. You may gift one (1) clinic visit per year to a friend or family member.

May I pause my membership?

No. Your membership will be active for one year from the date of registration.

How do I cancel my membership?

Cancellation can be requested in writing or in person at least 30 days in advance.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. Cancellation fee is $150 for silver membership or $300 for gold membership if you haven’t used any services. If you have already used clinic visit(s) and/or video visit(s), cancellation fee is equivalent to the number of visit(s) used at $200 per clinic visit and $125 per video visit, whichever is higher.

What are the terms for cancellation?

You may cancel your membership without penalty within 7 days of registration. After 7 days, you may cancel your membership with penalty if you move your residence more than 10 miles from MiDoctor Urgent Care.

What if I don’t use the visits?

You may carry over one (1) clinic visit per year.

How do I upgrade my membership?

To upgrade your membership, please email us here.

How do I check how many visits I have left?

Your visit history is saved in our EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Please call us at 212-757-2015 ext. 701 for any information pertaining your visits.

Can I check-in early for priority intake?

With membership, you don’t have to fill out lengthy forms each time you come in. Your information is saved at time of registration.

Is there a family plan available?

For family plans, please email us here.

Is there a corporate plan available?

For corporate plans, please email us here.

Is there a student plan available?

No, we do not offer student plans at this time. Please come visit us and find out how else we can assist.

Is membership a Health Insurance?

No. It is not!

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